5 gifts to buy for your dog-loving friend that make you look like a rockstar!

by Debbie Reynolds July 03, 2016

You want to make your dog loving friend/family/significant other ecstatically happy?  Here's your solution.  These unique gifts are sure to bring a smile to their heart.

1.  Friendshipcollar.  This genius idea allows you to match your best friend.  Your dog gets a vegan leather collar and you get a matching bracelet.  Charms add an extra special tough.  So many patterns to choose from you can't go wrong!

2.  Pawsitively gourmet cookie.  These cookies are so intricately decorated they will be sure to please!  And they are ONLY $2.25.  Get one of each for a variety.

3.  Tea for Spot.  Do they have an anxious dog?  An older dog? Try a teacup and herbal tea from Tea for Spot.  They have vitamins, anti-anxiety, joint supplement and breath freshener right in the tea bag!


4.  Puppy cakes and Puppy scoops.  They can make their best buddy a cake and ice cream for a special occasion or just any day!  It is a fun way for kids to get involved, too.

5.  Hugglehound Toys.  Words can't describe how cute these are.  They are simply adorable and a very large size for big dogs, smaller sized for small dogs.  They have a special material so that they are tough and this has been proven time and time again by our customer's stories.  They were sure there dog would be the one to tear them up...but we keep hearing about how long they last!

Any of these gifts are sure to make you a rockstar!  People love it when you remember their furry kids and this will be a definite hit!  

Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds


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