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Have You Heard of NASC?  Things You Should KNOW.

NASC, or the National Animal Supplement Council, is something we look for on any supplement that we carry.  This blog post will be short - but important.  You should make certain that your supplement has the yellow NASC label on it.  If not, there is no guarantee that what the company says is contained in the supplement actually is in there.  

The NASC seal of quality placed on an animal supplement will give buyers and pet parents peace of mind that the products they are giving their furry friends have passed the NASC’s rigorous certification standards. As part of the certification, NASC verifies quality ingredients, quality production processes, continuous product and data monitoring and allowable product claims, specifically:

  • The company must have a Quality Control Manual in place that provides written Standard Operating Procedures for production process control. This helps ensure the company is providing a consistent and quality product and is almost identical for the standards for human products.
  • The company must utilize the NASC Adverse Event Reporting System (NAERS) to continually monitor and evaluate products and ingredients.
  • The company must follow proper Label Guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling.
  • The company’s product labels must include any specific Warning and Caution Statements suggested by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • The company will have to comply with independent random product testing requirements in order to maintain the seal.

Only after the company has successfully passed an on-site quality audit and comprehensive inspection, are they granted permission to display the seal on their products, websites, product literature and advertisements. Use of the seal demonstrates the supplement manufacturer has implemented the NASC requirements and is committed to the highest current standards of quality in the animal supplement industry today.

As a result, the Seal of Quality is a mark of assurance that consumers are purchasing from a reputable animal supplement company.



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