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Dogs & Cats are CARNIVORES.  Feed them RAW DIETS.

Dogs & Cats are CARNIVORES. Feed them RAW DIETS.

Thriving, healthy dogs and cas eat raw diets.  If it's ever crossed your thoughts, just read and see what you think.  It's easier and more affordable than you think!
by Debbie Reynolds
Discover Incredible Respiratory Healing For Your Pet

Discover Incredible Respiratory Healing For Your Pet

By:  Debbie Reynolds, DVM

Incredible just skirts the surface of what this all natural essential oil can do for your pet.  

May I begin with a story?

One of the first patients that I used Open Air (click here to purchase) on was a senior aged corgi.  Before I was introduced to holistic remedies for dogs, I tried all the traditional medications to help Corky with his COPD, but none ever really helped.  We tried all of the medications that are recommended for this treatment.  I felt terrible listening to Corky breathe and cough and I was not able to help him.  

When I first started learning about holistic therapies, I immediately thought of him when I discovered Open Air.  We got an essential oil diffuser (click here for a suggestion) and placed the essential oil in the diffuser while he slept.  The next time I saw him, it was like I was looking at a different dog.  One that was bright and alert, with pep in his step, and no wheezing or coughing.  

The owner was so happy to help her baby without drugs and a very affordable and easy alternative to the traditional methods.  As they say, "the proof is in the pudding", the proof was standing before our eyes on four little short legs.  

Let me share with you what makes Open Air essential oil so incredible.  This blend is created with animals in mind and specifically for them.  The blend has some very powerful oils including:  Tangerine, Spruce, Cinnamon, Copaiba, Eucalyptus radiata, Clove, Lemon, Marjoram and Rosemary.

There is a huge variety of applications for this oil.  It can help your pet in so many ways.

1.  Anti-cough.

2.  Antibacterial.

3.  Antiviral.

4.  Antifungal.

5.  Anti-inflammatory.

6.  Immune Stimulation.

7.  Reduction of mucus.

8.  Expectorant.

9.  Pain reduction.

10.  Disinfects the air.

 You should consider using this if your pet has problems with any of the following:

1.  Asthma

2.  COPD (old dog lung disease)

3. Respiratory infection (upper or lower)

4.  Pneumonia

5.  Kitten viruses

6.  Conjunctivitis 

7.  Rhinitis

8.  Pharyngitis (weak bark or meow)

9.  Sinusitis (chronic nasal discharge)

10.  Bronchitis


It's easy.  It's safe.  It's effective.  

Try it.  You won't be disappointed. 



by Debbie Reynolds
The most overlooked way you could be harming your dog

The most overlooked way you could be harming your dog

Dogs put a lot of wear and tear on their paw pads.  They have little discretion about where they walk and what they get into.  They are very stoic creatures and rarely indicate pain until it is severe.  Have you ever looked, really looked, at your dog's paw pads.  If they aren't black and shiny and smooth, your dog has a problem.  Some will thicken and proliferate, or crack, or peel.  It is so important to protect your dog's paw pads from the elements -whether it be heat, cold, rough surfaces or overuse.

Paw Butter is TLC for your puppies' paw pads.  It provides layers of moisturizing support for your dog's rough, dry paw pads. 

Sure, your dog’s paw pads are strong and tough, but they still need paw-pampering! Going outside even just to potty on snow and ice or in freezing temperatures will brutalize your dog’s paws. In the winter, the salt and chemicals used to remove ice from sidewalks are harsh on your dog’s paws.

Dogs living the country and hunters deal with brambles, stickers, thorns and all else that is out there! Even the hardest working ranch dog needs paw support.

Paw Butter uses all organic and natural good stuff: shea butter, beeswax, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, plus a rich oil infusion of St. John’s Wort Oil, Calendula Oil, Comfrey Oil, essential oils (cedar wood, cypress and lavender).  It comes in a tin and is so easy to apply and use.  



Nose Butter and Elbow butter are available for those thickened, crusty noses and calloused elbows.  You simply will not believe the difference after you start using these butters to heal your dog's rough spots.  

by Debbie Reynolds
My pet is in pain!  What can I do?

My pet is in pain! What can I do?

By: Debbie Reynolds, DVM, CAA

One thing we love about being a veterinary owned pet shop, is that we have access to the good stuff.  We have a lot of ideas and outlets to pursue solutions to common problems that people have with their pets.

One thing I hear about quite often is, "My dog is in pain.  What can I give her at home?" Well, there isn't much.  Tylenol and Advil hurt their liver and their stomach.  Aspirin can cause stomach problems as well.  If you don't need to see your vet, and your dog or cat is in pain - we have the solution right here!  Pain Plus!  Click HERE to purchase 

We are very excited to carry this product.  It is an all natural, herbal pain relieving product with no harmful side effects.  Also, it is EFFECTIVE.  The company that produces it even offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  We would love for you to have this on your shelf at home.  So click our link and we will ship it within 24 hours.  This product is sold by the company only to veterinary professionals, so if you find it on a different site, buyer beware!  It did not come from the source.

Pain Plus for dogs


by Debbie Reynolds
Raw Diets Made Easy in 2 Simple Steps!

Raw Diets Made Easy in 2 Simple Steps!

Have you though about feeding a raw diet to your pet?  

I have to admit, I was convinced your pet would most certainly die if you did this when I graduated from veterinary school.  I would have NEVER recommended this even 4 years ago.  

A few of my clients have fed raw to their dogs while I cringed in fear waiting for the call that they gut had perforated from a bone or they had some parasite associated with meat or they had pancreatitis.  But those calls never came.  In fact, their pets were among my healthiest clients.  Then, I was taught about this type of nutrition at a veterinary conference and began to meet other veterinarians who advocated this type of feeding.  I was able to meet many of the makers of the food and discuss all my fears and concerns with them.  I walked away excited to feed raw diets.  In fact, this is the entire reason I opened a pet store to carry these pet foods which I could not find anywhere else.  I knew it would be a new concept to many of my clients and I wanted to have this readily available for them to purchase.  

Raw diets are now affordable and EASY to feed.  You don't have to figure it out or make sure your dog is getting a complete diet on your own.  And ... let's be honest ... who can really afford completely raw foods?  

Before I tell you how EASY this is, let me tell you the benefits of feeding raw diets.  Feeding raw food is what your pet is made to eat.  They are supposed to use the food God has provided to achieve a natural state of health (just like us humans).  No processing, just pure food.  We all instinctively know that dogs and cats need meat.  The plant- based foods have incredible health benefits and help heal diseases as well as prevent them.  When you offer raw foods, you are providing to them a diet that most closely mimics their natural eating habits as they were in the wild. Through the use of 100% digestible food products, you can offer the nutrients they need in a way that is easy for their body to use.  Pets achieve higher energy levels, healthy body weight, improved immune system function, improved skin and coat health, better digestion and more.  

The two brands we carry make feeding raw EASY.  Primal brand food comes in a dehydrated nugget form which you crumble up, add water and feed.  The Honest Kitchen is a powder form in which you add water, let set for 3 minutes and feed.  Both brands pathogen test their meat sources and whole foods to make sure that it is safe for feeding.


In addition they have added certified organic fruits and vegetables providing essential food-based vitamins and minerals. The addition of certified organic unrefined supplements in these foods gives your pet the benefit of a complete and balanced diet without the addition of synthetic vitamins.  These foods are all human grade whole foods and we would love for your pet to try this and experience the health benefits they have to offer.  

If you live locally, stop by and pick up a sample.  These diets are always available inside our store on 106 Strand Street in Martin, Tennessee.  We do sell Primal products online as well.  I urge you to give it a try so your pet can live a long, healthy life!

Oh...the 2 simple steps..
1.  Measure food
2.  Add water and mix
by Debbie Reynolds