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Pain Pills Can Have Harmful Side Effects, Choose the Safe Alternative For Your Pet

Pain Pills Can Have Harmful Side Effects, Choose the Safe Alternative For Your Pet

By:  Debbie Reynolds, DVM

If your pet hurts, you want to help.  One of the most mainstream ways that pain is treated is by prescription drugs.  These are nice for short term pain, but not for chronic, long term pain.  The side effects can be devastating.  These side effects include stomach ulcers, liver failure, poor immune system, and in some cases, death.  

The number one reason I became an animal aromatherapist was to find a way to help animals that were in pain in such a way that wouldn't ultimately harm them.  I had patients that were only a year old with hip pain from dysplasia.  My own dog had surgery on his arm at 1 year old.  I knew he could not take NSAIDs or prescription drugs for his whole life, or he would end up with terrible side effects from them.

 That is when the research began.  My favorite treatment is an essential oil called New Mobility (click to purchase).  I became a believer as I watched my own dog and patient after patient respond to this essential oil as well as they did their drugs.

The benefits of New Mobility include:
1.  Ease of application.  Place a few drops on your animal and pet them!
2.  Safety.  It is not only safe, it is even gastroprotective!  
3.  Effectiveness.  We would start by asking our patients to give it a try and see if it worked as well as their medications.  95% of the time, it did.  (Truth be told, I have tried it on myself and it works on my back pain or shoulder pain!)
4.  Cost.  It costs less than the prescriptions they were on.  

This essential oil is a combination of spruce, copaiba, lavender, marjoram, helichrysum, peppermint, balsam fir, lemongrass, frankinscense, basil and blue cypress.  The combination of these oils results in an amazing product that treats inflammation, bone pain, muscle pain, strengthens tendons and ligaments, increases circulation and so much more!  It even helps rebuild muscle!

You should give it a try.  Really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!



by Debbie Reynolds