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My pet is in pain!  What can I do?

My pet is in pain! What can I do?

By: Debbie Reynolds, DVM, CAA

One thing we love about being a veterinary owned pet shop, is that we have access to the good stuff.  We have a lot of ideas and outlets to pursue solutions to common problems that people have with their pets.

One thing I hear about quite often is, "My dog is in pain.  What can I give her at home?" Well, there isn't much.  Tylenol and Advil hurt their liver and their stomach.  Aspirin can cause stomach problems as well.  If you don't need to see your vet, and your dog or cat is in pain - we have the solution right here!  Pain Plus!  Click HERE to purchase 

We are very excited to carry this product.  It is an all natural, herbal pain relieving product with no harmful side effects.  Also, it is EFFECTIVE.  The company that produces it even offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  We would love for you to have this on your shelf at home.  So click our link and we will ship it within 24 hours.  This product is sold by the company only to veterinary professionals, so if you find it on a different site, buyer beware!  It did not come from the source.

Pain Plus for dogs


by Debbie Reynolds