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The most overlooked way you could be harming your dog

The most overlooked way you could be harming your dog

Dogs put a lot of wear and tear on their paw pads.  They have little discretion about where they walk and what they get into.  They are very stoic creatures and rarely indicate pain until it is severe.  Have you ever looked, really looked, at your dog's paw pads.  If they aren't black and shiny and smooth, your dog has a problem.  Some will thicken and proliferate, or crack, or peel.  It is so important to protect your dog's paw pads from the elements -whether it be heat, cold, rough surfaces or overuse.

Paw Butter is TLC for your puppies' paw pads.  It provides layers of moisturizing support for your dog's rough, dry paw pads. 

Sure, your dog’s paw pads are strong and tough, but they still need paw-pampering! Going outside even just to potty on snow and ice or in freezing temperatures will brutalize your dog’s paws. In the winter, the salt and chemicals used to remove ice from sidewalks are harsh on your dog’s paws.

Dogs living the country and hunters deal with brambles, stickers, thorns and all else that is out there! Even the hardest working ranch dog needs paw support.

Paw Butter uses all organic and natural good stuff: shea butter, beeswax, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, plus a rich oil infusion of St. John’s Wort Oil, Calendula Oil, Comfrey Oil, essential oils (cedar wood, cypress and lavender).  It comes in a tin and is so easy to apply and use.  



Nose Butter and Elbow butter are available for those thickened, crusty noses and calloused elbows.  You simply will not believe the difference after you start using these butters to heal your dog's rough spots.  

by Debbie Reynolds