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The Secret To Treating Your Pet's Anxiety Without Drugs.

The Secret To Treating Your Pet's Anxiety Without Drugs.

It's true.  Sedatives for thunderstorms, car rides, and generalized anxiety aren't necessary.  There are options that do NOT involve any kind of prescription.  

As a veterinarian and a certified animal aromatherapist, I dislike giving sedatives for thunderstorm phobia.  Why?  Because it doesn't decrease their fear and anxiety.  It only sedates them. Wouldn't you rather have your anxiety addressed rather than just being sedated?  

Our most preferred method of treating anxiety in an all natural way is an essential oil called Calm-a-Mile (click here to purchase).  It has a combination of essential oils - german chamomile, roman chamomile, blue cypress, frankincense, clary sage, and ylang ylang.  This unique blend is veterinary created to work especially well for your pet - cat, dog, bird, horse, or exotics!  

Meet Judah, a 5 year old rescued mix breed dog.  Isn't he cute?  

He is adorable, but he does have some issues with anxiety.  Especially when his family leaves for work and school in the mornings and during storms.  He usually starts by pacing and panting.  His family recognizes the onset of his anxiety by excessive panting,  All that Judah needs is a spritz of calm-a-mile on his chest area in extreme anxiety situations, or a drop of it on his sniff-it on his collar in less extreme scenarios.  Within minutes, the panting stops and you can see the relaxation set in.  

You can use it three ways:

1.  In a diluted form that you can pet onto your animal.  I like to pet it onto the chest area so they can also benefit from inhalation, but any area will do. The good news is, if they lick it or ingest it, even better.  They can benefit from ingestion as well.

2.  In a non-diluted form applied directly to your pet's bedding or a sniff-it placed around your pet's collar.  Click here to see a Sniff-It.  

3.  The non-diluted form can also be placed in an essential oil diffuser and diffused into the room while they sleep overnight or any time of the day.

Another reason that I love this option is because it is safe.  No harmful side effects for your pet and there are no worries for any other pets or children who may be in contact with your anxious pet.  

by Debbie Reynolds