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Is Your Pet's Breed Genetically Predisposed To Cancer?  Learn What You Can Do To Help Them!

Is Your Pet's Breed Genetically Predisposed To Cancer? Learn What You Can Do To Help Them!

By:  Debbie Reynolds, DVM

You can pretty much name off any breed and a list of diseases pops up in my brain.  In veterinary school, we are taught to be aware of breed tendencies to be vigilant and watch for them.  It is far better to be proactive than reactive, and that is what we want to help you with.

You might be surprised how prevalent cancer is in certain breeds.  Dr. Steven Steinberg of VCA Veterinary Referral Associates has been collecting data on rates of cancer by breed at the Vet Cancer Registry and built the following table based on a database of confirmed cancer cases compared to the numbers of AKC registered dogs in that breed. 

Breed Number AKC Registered Number with Cancer Percentage with Cancer
Golden Retriever 56,124 561 9.81%
German Shepherd 46,963 197 3.45%
Poodle 33,917 178 3.11%
Boxer 34,340 155 2.71%
Rottweiler 22,196 143 2.5%
Sheltie 17,453 140 2.45%
Cocker Spaniel 20,655 125 2.19%
Doberman Pinscher 11,829 124 2.17%
Beagle 44,610 105 1.84%
Miniature Schnauzer 23,926 105 1.84%

I don't want you to feel too discouraged if you have one of these amazing breeds as a member of your family.  I would love to introduce you to Sunshine in a Bottle (click to purchase) which is a very easy and affordable way to protect your pet.  

Sunshine in a Bottle is an essential oil that contains Tangerine, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Copaiba and Orange, all blended especially for animals, with a multitude of health benefits - most importantly, anti-cancer and anti-tumoral.  These citrus oils are high in limonene which is researched heavily for these benefits.  Frankincense is also well known by researchers as being an anti-cancer powerhouse oil.  Copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory oil in animals and most people are aware that inflammation in the body is the root of most diseases.   

Not only does Sunshine in a Bottle greatly reduce the risk of cancer, but it has many other physical and emotional benefits.  It may aid in fluid circulation, immune function and support, liver health, senility, obesity, detoxification, and with tumors, cysts, and lipomas.

I wish you could smell it because it even smells amazing!  It is easy to apply by petting your dog or cat.  Another simple way to use it is by diffusion.  A wonderful side effect is that you can benefit from it, too!

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