The Secret Pill-Free, Painless Way to Treat Your Dog With Essential Oils

by Debbie Reynolds August 18, 2016

Essential oils for dogs and cats are an awesome, pill-free, painless AND affordable way to treat your dog or cat for a variety of conditions!  

As a veterinarian, I was introduced to essential oils through the use of them with my daughter.  She has special needs and is unable to take many of the traditional medications.  And when medicine doesn't help, you go looking for options.  Through my daughter, I entered the world of essential oils even to the point of studying chemistry all over again and eventually becoming a certified animal aromatherapist!  After our journey with the humans in our family we became believers in the effectiveness of essential oils.  

I then began thinking about my patients.  As a veterinarian sometimes we know that medicine that helps a patient can also potentially hurt them.  Case in point - the one year old labrador with hip dysplasia.  Treating her with NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) will probably result in (a) liver problems or (b) stomach ulcers after being on them for some length of time.  That is why we have to check liver enzymes every several months to monitor liver health while we try to make them comfortable.  

What could treat your dog's hip dysplasia with an all natural product by simply petting a few drops on their hips every day, it cost less money, AND it is gastroPROTECTIVE and won't harm the liver?!  You can with essential oils.  I started using this in my patients and the bottom line works.  Dogs don't lie.  It makes them feel better with no harmful side effects.  We use New Mobility essential oil to treat orthopedic pain in dogs.  It is made by a veterinarian and we are big fans of it at The Blessed Pet Shop and Veterinary Home Healthcare.

We also love using Calm-a-Mile to treat anxiety.  This actually helps the dog to feel calmer as opposed to the sometimes risky drugs that are used simply to sedate dogs (not relieve their anxiety).  Acepromazine, trazadone and diazepam are often used to sedate dogs and can have side effects that are unwanted and may take a long time to wear off.  Calm-a-Mile can be used by petting it on your pet, diffusing it into the room, or placing it on a Sniff It attached to your dog's collar so they can inhale the calming aroma.

Open-Air is an amazing essential oil used for respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma, or respiratory infections such as kennel cough.  Diffusing it can actually clean the germs in the air!  This is a favorite for older dogs with COPD and is most commonly used in the diffuser at night while your dog sleeps!

Dog Breath is a way to help maintain dental health while helping fight dog breath! This product is used by rubbing onto the gums once a day.  Very quick and easy!

We also use Away to help repel insects and odors naturally, chemical free!  It is especially useful for young puppies who are too young for flea control and helps protect them from all of the insects in their environment.  This is used in a water spritz.

Another popular essential oil is Sunshine in a Bottle.  This one multiple citrus oils with a multitude of health benefits which include anti-cancer and anti-tumoral benefits. I love using this oil especially in breeds that are predisposed to cancer such as boxers or golden retrievers.  

And if you just want to maintain your dog's health and vitality, may we suggest the all encompassing Boost in a Bottle.  It is an amazing combination of essential oils that may be petted on to your dog 1 to 2 times a week!  If you click on the links provided all of the ingredients are listed for each product. 

The great thing about essential oils is the non toxic nature.  If your dog licks the area it was applied, no harm!  They are able to ingest them without causing harm. The methods of application are transdermal, inhalation, or ingestion!  It is also wonderful if the pet is around children to know that it will not harm them in any way.  


Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds


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