Why we should encourage kittens to play!

Why we should encourage kittens to play!

If you want your cat to be around a looooong time, with a thriving, healthy life, you need to play with them!  The easiest way to accomplish this is to start playing with them when they are kittens.  As hunters, cat's need play.   Cats can and should play on their own, but at least some of the play should also be interactive. But not with your hands! Wand toys and feathers are great ways to engage cats safely and bring out their pouncing prowess.

We have all seen kittens pounce on something - this is their hunting instinct.  It is important to have toys so that they don't decide to pounce on you!  Immediately grab a toy when they are engaging with play.  This behavior will stay with them as long as you keep it up!  

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It is especially important to have kitten toys around within children's reach so as soon as a kitten tries to engage in play mode they can protect themselves by grabbing a wand toy and engaging the kitten in play.  

The benefit of play is huge in the lifetime of a cat.  It can help them avoid one of the major pitfalls that happen with sedentary cats - obesity.  This can lead to a plethora of health problems.  If you can play with your cat, that gets them up and moving.  Laser lights are a great tool to use to encourage physical activity.  

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It will also especially help indoor cats not to have behavior problems from lack of enrichment.  Many cats are not adequately stimulated and can begin to have many problems such as inappropriate urinations.  

So try out a variety of cat toys and help your cat live long and thrive!



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