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Cocotherapy Hairball Plus for Cats


The natural and safe hairball solution

your cat will LOVE.

When we find an amazing product that solves a common problem - we get excited about sharing it!  

Cocotherapy is a family owned business who we partner with at Veterinary Home Healthcare and The Blessed Pet Shop.  They do everything from growing and harvesting their own coconuts in the Phillipines to making and packaging the products.  When you have a relationship like this, you have something important - trust.

We know they make high quality products and they stand behind them.  That's why we were thrilled when they launched a new product just for cats.  Cats love it so much more than the standard laxatone products, and it is much more healthy and natural for them.    

LET ME EXPLAIN HAIRBALLS (they're not what you think):

By the time you see a hairball, the problem is really bad!  Don't wait to see one before you treat your cat.  Cats groom.  Period.  They ALL ingest hair.  They groom, they ingest.  Hair gets in the stomach.  If all goes according to plan, the hair comes out in the stool.  If they groom excessively or have long hair or have a plumbing problem, the hair starts to build up in the stomach.  If it can't pass through the intestines and out via the stool, then it starts clogging up the system and your cat will start coughing.  If they gag and wretch until they cough up a hairball, that hair has been in there a long time.  

You should supplement your cat with something like this intermittently if you don't think it's a big problem; and daily if you think you have a hairball problem.  

CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is made with only one ingredient, high-fiber organic coconut. It contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers, so you can feel good giving it to your kittens and cats -- even those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies! Coconut fiber passes through the intestines and has a much greater impact on intestinal transit time. It increases stool bulk to help waste (including hair) pass through more efficiently. 

Not only is it beneficial for managing hairballs; it also benefits your cat in several ways:

Helps your cat pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to his/her stool
 Unlike other hairball formula treatments, this one does NOT contain phytic acid, which depletes your cat of vitamins and minerals
 Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) to support healthy immune response
 Supports healthy skin and coat. This means less shedding!
 Supports digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function
 Supports healthy weight
 Safe for kittens and pregnant cats
 Safe for long-term use