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Grizzly Salmon Oil



The One Supplement Your Cat or Dog Cannot Go Without!

I think most everyone 40 and up knows the amazing benefits of omega fatty acids.  Most all of us take them ourselves based on doctor recommendations or our own research.  My goodness - it helps about every body system we have!  It is not something we produce and we must take it in order to get it.  It is the same in pets.  And if you are under 40, let me explain the benefits (a little further down).

But first, let me save you the painstakingly confusing process of deciphering which one is the best.  There are many good omega fatty acid supplements for pets out there.  Even as a veterinarian I became frustrated looking at dozens of bottles and trying to figure out what was the best product for the best value.  

There is so much to consider.   In fact, for years, I was using an ineffective omega fatty acid supplement on my own dog!  It wasn't anywhere NEAR the concentration it needed to be to help him with his allergies.  Ugh!  All that wasted time and money.  I really began studying this supplement was right after some continuing education a couple years ago.  Not only does the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio need to be correct (which often it is not!), it has to be sourced from the appropriate places, it has to be of a concentration high enough to help your pet.  It is important to know the differences between omega 3s and omega 6s.  It is really not fair to expect an average person to stand in front of the shelves and look at all those supplements that all claim to work, and make an educated decision.  

So, I'm not claiming this is the only one, the best, or anything like that.  I'm just saying I've looked at ALOT of different products and this is a good one that I trust that is held to certain standards because it has the NASC quality seal on it.  So we choose Grizzly Salmon as our favorite go-to omega fatty acid supplement.  

Why is this the ONE SUPPLEMENT your dog or cat cannot go without?

Let me give you a list of reasons:

1.  The only way to provide this amazing substance to your dog's diet is by adding the supplement.  I have seen foods that advertise they have omega fatty acids in them, but it is at a dismally low concentration.  Yes, they are in there, but not enough to really help.  You need to add it as a supplement because that's the only way to get it into your dog or cat in an appropriate amount.

2.  If you have a young, growing puppy or kitten - this is a must have for brain development.  It enhances the training period and the omega 3s have the DHA.  Anyone that has recently had a child knows the importance of this for child's brain development.  It is added in to baby formulas and many other foods.  It is the same for puppies and kittens - a must have for the formative first year of life.  Grizzly Salmon oil has high levels of EPA and DHA.

3.  If you have a senior or geriatric aged dog or cat - read number 2 above.  Same thing holds true for the aging brain.  This will help the brain stay healthy and avoid cognitive dysfunction and senility. 

4.  One of the most common reasons people buy this supplement for their pets is to support a healthy coat and skin and to decrease shedding.  It definitely accomplishes this and can reduce shedding by 80% if used daily.  It takes a 30 day trial on this to see the improvement.  You will definitely be seeing less hair around.  

5.  It supports the immune system and what pet DOESN'T need that?  The holistic approach to health means that you try to improve the baseline of health of the body to be able fight off any bugs or illnesses that your pet may encounter.  If your pet is healthy and robust, they are much less likely to become sick.

6.  It supports different organ system health such as cardiac, urinary, fertility, vision, and more.  This is such a complete supplement!

For one supplement to do all of this is phenomenal!!  Humans long ago tapped into the genius of omega fatty acid supplements and we should definitely use this with our pet's daily to keep them healthy and to keep them with us as long as possible.  

This product comes in a pump bottle that you should store in the refrigerator and add to your pet's food according to the label directions.  It will state how many "pumps" to dispense from the pump that comes with the bottle according to your pet's weight. For example, my cats get one pump each and my 60 lb. dog gets 3 pumps daily and my 17 lb. dog gets 1 pump daily.  This is a very small amount and the bottles range from $9 for the smaller sizes up to $20 or more for the larger sizes.  These bottles last quite a long time for the small amount you use daily.  

For the value this supplement provides, it should be your #1 go-to supplement for your dog