The Honest Kitchen Treats

The Blessed Pet Shop


At the Blessed Pet Shop in Martin, Tennessee we love The Honest Kitchen dog and cat limited ingredient treats that are healthy and delicious.  If your cat hasn't tried "wishes" you don't know what you are missing!  Such interesting flavors such as duck and cherry, or buffalo and blueberry are sure to make your pet happy.

Wishes: Dehydrated Haddock

Wonders: Dehydrated Atlantic Pollock Skin

Beams: Dehydrated Catfish Skin

Nuzzles: Barley Flour, Duck, Cane Molasses, Water, Eggs, Organic Coconut Oil, Cherries and Parmesan Cheese

Pecks: Barley Flour, Beef, Cane Molasses, Water, Eggs, Organic Coconut Oil and Blueberries

Collections: All Natural Treats

Type: Treats

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