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Dr. Debbie Reynolds, Certified Animal Aromatherapist at Veterinary Home Healthcare
Holistic Wellness
Specializing in essential oils, herbs, flower essences, and other natural health products
We Believe
We believe in divine healing powers of all that God has provided for us on the earth for our healing



I am Dr. Debbie Reynolds with Veterinary Home Healthcare in Martin, Tennessee and I have a passion for your dog to live his or her best life.  We want him to thrive and live in holistic wellness - both physical and emotional.  We offer well-researched natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals (which can have harmful side effects on your pet).  I am certified in Animal Aromatherapy as well as hospice care and, additionally, I am a certified fear free practitioner.  I believe God placed all the medicine that is needed on the earth for us to use and we should tap into these amazing, divine resources.  There is a place for both pharmaceuticals and holistic options - but try holistic first.  What have you got to lose?  And you have everything to gain!  

As a house call veterinarian, I was often discouraged in seeing that my clients had selected sub-par products that either weren't potent enough, were not what they needed for their situation, or were not purchasing from a company that allows inspection of its product.  The Blessed Pet Shop alleviates all the headache of you having to make sure a quality supplement is chosen.  I have done all the leg work for you because I want you to spend your money on QUALITY products.

We see these products work and their amazing results on a daily basis!  We use them on our patients and we want to help YOU give YOUR dog the best life possible!  We value our customers and want to provide you with the best possible service.  

I am committed to helping you and your pet.  You can contact me for a free consultation:

phone:  731-514-0797


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